Neoconservatism: America’s Suicide Vest

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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In a new low this week even for the liberal media, BuzzFeed, CNN and other establishment outlets have published unfounded and unsupported fake news about President-elect Trump’s ties to Russia. It is clear that this scandalous hack job was timed in order to derail the president-elect’s first press conference since the election. This agenda was further revealed by the outrageous conduct of CNN’s Jim Acosta during the press conference, repeatedly interrupting and shouting at the president-elect while he was speaking. Never before has a president-elect been spoken to in this way in such a public forum.

Jim should be grateful for the First Amendment. There are very few countries in the world in which such disrespectful impudence would be tolerated.

Looking beyond the irrational, personal hatred that the snowflake journalists in the media have for Trump, there is a deeper, darker agenda at play. Among all of the false accusations thrown at Trump over the last few months, there is a common thread: Russia. Even before Trump won the election, Americans were being conditioned to accept a war with the nuclear-armed power.

Those who run the establishment have made up their minds. They want a war with Russia.

This leads any sane person to ask themselves – why? What in the world could justify such a reckless and unnecessary imperial gamble?

The answer lies in the long-held neoconservative objective to destroy Russia and achieve the total domination of Eurasia.

For most Americans, the end of the Cold War signaled the end of rivalry with Russia. Not for the neocons. Drunk with the possibility of full-spectrum dominance of all the resources on the planet, neocons spent the 90’s trying desperately to maintain the military-industrial complex which had been built up during the Cold War period.

It was not until 9/11 and the emergence of a new enemy that the neocons were able to find the justification to implement their aggressive, globalist agenda. The invasion of Middle Eastern nations with the Orwellian intention to ‘build’ them afterwards has wasted trillions, displaced millions and killed hundreds of thousands of anonymous innocents. Their blood cries out from the rubble to radicalized young Muslim men from a generation which has known only violence. The consequences for the people of the West have only just begun to be felt. Americans always forget. Muslims never do.

The dual agenda of invading resource-rich Middle Eastern dictatorships and then nation-building afterwards has been lucrative for oligarchs and those connected politically to the upper echelons of the defense establishment. It has been a disaster for the people of the Middle East and everyday Americans, however. Like ancient Athens at the peak of its power, America has alienated its allies and united its enemies through imperialistic hubris and incoherent foreign policy strategies. The war which the neocons are now fomenting between Russia and China and the United States is one which no-one will win. Not only would we lose our empire, we may well not survive as a nation.

There is nothing conservative about neoconservatism. It is a globalist, revolutionary and imperialist ideology which provides intellectual cover for a cabal of establishment insiders to dominate the planet. The key factor in this geopolitical great game has been the fossil fuel resources of the Middle East. It has thus been the free man’s burden, according to the neocons, to conquer, dominate and rule the Middle East so the people there can be free. That such doublethink has been successfully promoted by the establishment media for decades now is astonishing.

Neoconservatism is a movement of the left, not the right. The internationalist zeal of the neocons comes out of the Trotskyite origins of the movement. The New York intellectuals who developed and spread the doctrines which became known as neoconservatism were thoroughly Marxist; their schism with other communists of the time was only that they opposed Stalin’s policy of communism in one country. The mad quest for self-destruction we are witnessing from the neocon establishment is where all philosophies based on dialectical materialism lead – an obsession with the end of history and the fervent desire to bring it about through annihilation.

Trump’s call for an end to the policy of nation-building and a focus on domestic revitalization is unacceptable to the neocons who have been running foreign policy for decades now. That their policies have turned the lives of millions into smoking ruins and created an army of bug-eyed fanatical jihadis is of no concern to them.

For the past century, various ideological cults have wreaked havoc on the civilizations of the world. The common denominators between Nazism in Germany, Marxism-Leninism in Russia, Maoism in China and neoconservatism in the United States is that each is based upon a deterministic view of history, a simplistic model of reality and a utopian conviction in the true believers that they have the key to creating a brave new world. It is the arrogance of man that he, through the power of his mind and will, can create heaven on earth. This path always leads to hell.

The West cannot afford these utopian delusions any longer. We must reject narratives from elites who wish to use force to impose their will on reality. We must reject simplistic and dogmatic beliefs that offer fixed and easy solutions to humanity’s problems. Such is not the mindset of a reasonable man. It is the mentality of a suicide bomber.