Penn State Counselors Urge Students To Reach Out To Them After Trump’s Win

Jason Chulack Reporting Intern
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Penn State’s Counseling and Psychological Services encouraged students who are emotional over the election of Donald Trump to utilize their services.

Campus newspaper the Daily Collegian first reported on the counselors’ statement just nine days before Trump is sworn in as president.

Mary Anne Knapp, clinical social worker and outreach and consolation coordinator for Penn State, sent the full statement to The Daily Caller as requested.

“On Friday, January 20, 2017 the United States will introduce a new president in the ceremonial transition of power. This act is a symbol of our democracy and may bring up strong emotions for Penn State students, both positive and negative.”

The statement continues:

“Unfortunately, the 2016 election process was marked with hateful rhetoric and signs of bitter partisanship. We urge all students to use supports and reach out during this time of transition.”

Knapp, who focuses on issues such as stress management, depression prevention and trauma, told TheDC:

“It’s no secret that the national political environment has caused some anxiety and difficult relations on a variety of fronts. We are simply acknowledging those emotions for some of our students, and doing what we do best: offering support to all students. Our primary goal is to help any student who needs assistance to cope with life issues and impacts.”