Planned Parenthood Pres. Doesn’t Want Much — Just Three Times The Federal Funding PP Already Receives [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Cecile Richards stopped by Thursday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” during which she told host Trevor Noah that Planned Parenthood should receive three times the federal funding it currently receives.


“If there were more members of Congress who could get pregnant, we wouldn’t be arguing about birth control,” Richards joked. “I actually think if you’re concerned about preventing unintended pregnancy and the need for abortion in this country, you should triple the funding for Planned Parenthood.”

“That’s the work we do.”

Bill Clinton and Cecile Richards (Getty Images)

Bill Clinton and Cecile Richards (Getty Images)

“I think it’s important to understand, it’s not only that they want to end access to Planned Parenthood,” she continued. “They want to end access to care for a lot of folks in this country, and I believe it’s going to cause a healthcare crisis.”

Conservative lawmakers have stated that any repeal of Obamacare would drastically cut funding to Planned Parenthood.

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