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Joss Whedon Wants A Rhino To Do Unspeakable Things To House Speaker Paul Ryan

(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for MTV)

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I’ve been a Joss Whedon fan ever since Sarah Michelle Gellar staked her first guest star. And for almost as long, I’ve been exasperated by Whedon’s moronic political opinions. But what you’re about to see is surprising, even for him.

Warning: His Avengers movies are PG-13, but this tweet is a hard R.

I think maybe Joss is in the middle of a new script. It’s called Avengers: Age of Bourbon.

Can a rhino even be trained to do something like that? Wouldn’t an elephant be easier to work with? Well, Joss is the expert, I guess. Or is it a play on “RINO”? I know a lot of Trumpkins throw that one around when they’re talking about Ryan. Which is dumb, but whatever.

And I’m not sure what he means by “murderbro.” Is that really a thing, or did Joss make it up? I don’t remember Paul Ryan ever murdering anybody, and I’m pretty sure he disagrees with Joss about killing babies. “Murderbro.” Weird.

Here’s a screencap, in case Joss deletes that tweet and/or his account:


Enjoy your weekend, Joss, ol’ buddy ol’ pal. Make sure to stay hydrated!

P.S. Just a week ago, Martin Shkreli was banned from Twitter for this:

Within hours of Duca’s complaint, Shkreli was banned. I don’t think Whedon should be banned for this, but the double standard is glaring. One set of rules for their friends, and another set of rules for everybody else.

P.P.S. Before the election, Joss wrote and directed this. Maybe he blames himself for driving even more people away on Nov. 8?