Canadian Think Tank: Jane Fonda’s ‘An Environmental Hypocrite’ For Protesting Oil Sands [VIDEO]

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A Canadian conservative think tank says Jane Fonda’s “an environmental hypocrite” after the left-wing activist and actress protested the Canadian oil sands in northern Alberta.

[dcquiz] The Manning Centre told The Daily Caller on Sunday that Fonda excoriates the oil sands project because the oil it yields produces greenhouse gasses. But Colin Craig, media manager for the centre, says Fonda has “a carbon footprint the size of a small town,” referring to her jet-setting lifestyle that includes a lot of world travel.

“Canadians are sick and tired of Hollywood stars popping in and telling us to stop using fossil fuels when they consume more of than anyone of us ever could,” Craig said.

A view of Fonda’s website lists her recent travel to Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, New Orleans and Paris – among other locations. “She even brags about flying around the world on her private jet,” Craig noted.

Fonda’s trip last week to the oil sands was sponsored by Greenpeace Canada, and she was supposed to just deliver a speech at a climate change conference at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. But Fonda’s trip, as reported by The Daily Caller, turned into a public relations fiasco, as she argued with local oil patch workers and was castigated by an Alberta premier who represents the left-leaning New Democratic Party who’s usually friendly to environmental causes.

Fonda was heralded as “Greenpeace Jane” by media at the beginning of her trip. But after telling reporters not to trust a “good looking liberal” like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and feuding with locals, she was labeled as “Calamity Jane” when she went back to California.


Craig said he’s amazed at how environmental activists like Fonda “selectively” target their assumed enemies.

“Do you ever see these people protesting a Saudi oil tanker that may be in their vicinity.” Craig noted that environmental activists are “far more likely” to protest the oil sands than oil coming from the Middle East.

He said that Canada has more stringent environmental standards and restrictions on oil exploration than Fonda’s own California jurisdiction.

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