Georgetown University Puts Kibosh On Students Hosting Inauguration Protesters On Campus

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Georgetown University put its foot down Monday and announced to its student body that hosting inauguration protesters on campus would be prohibited. According to Campus Reform, the university sent the campus-wide email to students after the College Democrats publicized plans on a Facebook post to allow protesters stay in on-campus housing.

“Given our location in DC, we are calling all College Democrats to open up their dorm rooms or apartments to help house other college students for the weekend, the Facebook post states. “Floor or couch space is much needed to host as many students as possible at Georgetown.”

However, after the post was brought to light, officials at Georgetown as well as Chief of Police Jay Gruber sent a campus-wide email quashing such invitations to campus and pointing to school policy.

“As the 2017 Presidential Inauguration approaches, we are writing to share information with you about on-campus services, the university’s visitor policy, and safety on and off campus,” the email says later noting that students can host family and friends as overnight guests but “for your safety and the safety of your fellow residents, you are discouraged from inviting guests, with whom you are not familiar, to stay with you. Minor visitors require parent or guardian permission, prior to arrival to campus.”

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