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Morning Mirror: TSA Confiscates Journalist’s Cream Cheese

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“LaGuardia TSA just seized my Zabar’s cream cheese. ‘It’s spreadable,’ the officer said. ‘We can’t let spreadable through.'”

Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief, The Atlantic.



Bill Kristol is working on a book of sad poems

“Will be on train, doing research for my forthcoming book, Acela Elegy.” — Bill Kristol, editor-at-large, The Weekly Standard. (For anyone who doesn’t feel like Googling, an elegy is a “sad poem.”)

S.E. Cupp reacts to Trump’s nasty tweet about CNN

“My colleague @GloriaBorger is top notch, which is I’m sure why Don Jr, Eric and Kellyanne agreed to talk with her.” — S.E. Cupp, CNN.

Trump insulted CNN’s program about Ivanka Trump 11 minutes before it even began airing. 


Tuxedo season has arrived 

“When tuxedo shopping, bring a woman from New York City as chief negotiator.” — Patrick Howley, ex-Breitbart News reporter.


“I think I lost my wallet at the wedding I didn’t want to go to because of course I did.” — GotNewsCharles Johnson.

Just D**king Around 

“Is there a term of art in management for the necessary attribute of knowing when to ignore the boss’ directives?” — John Dickerson, host of CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Journalism: BuzzFeed does dick pics 



Band advice for Trump’s transition team 

“True story: I was a bouncer at a club where 3 Doors Down played. The bass player got off the stage and hit a heckling fan with a guitar. In other words: They’re the perfect band to play Trump’s inauguration.” — Peter Ogburn, executive producer of “The Bill Press Show.”

Twitter can be so cold 

“Cory Booker blocked me on Twitter, I assume for reporting unflattering pieces about him. Kind of amazing.” — Eliana Johnson, Politico.

The Observer

“Death Threats are totes cool, as long as we don’t agree with the person receiving them, right?” — Mickey White, RedState contributor.

War reporting for dummies

“I know none of you care, but I’m trying to learn war reporting skills before Friday.” — Matthew Clayfield, ABC Radio Current Affairs, Australia.

Female journalist gets interrupted while meditating 

“A dude just interrupted me trying to sneak in a quick meditation by getting in my face & telling me to smile. I love being a woman it’s great.” — Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast.