Fancypants College Professor Blames ‘White Heterosexual Male Privilege’ For Trump Victory

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An education professor at Boston College has determined that “white heterosexual male privilege” deeply ingrained in the Electoral College is the reason for Donald Trump’s surprising election victory in November.

The fancypants college professor, Janet E. Helms, makes her argument in a 1,187-word treatise entitled “An Election to Save White Heterosexual Male Privilege.”

The treatise begins by oddly personifying “white heterosexual male privilege.” The leftist academic concept of “white heterosexual male privilege” “fought for and won the election of 2016,” Helms proclaims.

“White heterosexual men have won a rigged competition whose rules their white forefathers determined and passed on to subsequent generations to maintain and enhance,” Helms then pontificates. “Most people who are not white heterosexual men have no power or control that white heterosexual men have not accorded them.”

“During this election period, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was a major threat to men’s status because of the possibility that she might feminize leadership at the highest level; so too were Muslims, all of whom were presumed to be terrorists; undocumented immigrants, mistakenly construed as predominantly Mexicans; people with disabilities, veterans and their families, and so on,” the professor continues.

Trump’s “angry promises to ‘Make America Great Again'” “made white heterosexual men” and women who benefit from “white heterosexual male privilege” “feel safe again.”

Helms concludes that “racism did not cost Clinton the presidency.” Instead, the Electoral College — “founded to protect” “white heterosexual male privilege” — caused Trump’s victory.

Helms makes exactly no attempt to explain how the Electoral College was related to “white heterosexual male privilege” at the time of the institution’s creation.

In any case, she declares, “Trump voters unleashed extremist” “white heterosexual male privilege” “on the country and the world — and many of us scapegoats are afraid.”

The current cost of tuition, fees and room and board at Boston College is $65,644 for a single year.

Previous works by Helms, the Augustus Long Professor in Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, include “A review of White racial identity theory: The sociopolitical implications of studying White racial identity in psychology.” Also: “A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have: A Guide to Being A White Person or Understanding the White Persons in your life (Second Edition).”

Hat tip: Campus Reform.

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