Guess Which City Is The Murder Capital Of The USA Again


Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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St. Louis ranks as the murder capital of America for the third year in a row, an analysis from the American Media Institute reported.

The tally comes after homicide rate in the nation last year rose at its quickest pace in 25 years, 538 reported.

Viewed on a per capita basis, Chicago is in the middle of the list of the list of 30 cities. In 2016, Chicago, The Trace notes, had murder rate of 27.9 killings per 100,000 residents. St. Louis had 188 murders, which results in 59.3 homicides per 100,000 people. However, Chicago received the most news coverage over its number of murders.

Further down the list of murder centers, Baltimore placed second, Detroit in third, and then followed by New Orleans and Cleveland.

“Because Chicago has so many people, it can get a murder every day, and that gets people’s attention,” John Pfaff, a professor of law at Fordham Law School, told The Trace. “When you focus on numbers, not rates, Chicago ends up looking worse because you forget just how big a city it is.”

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