Multiculturalism Is The Problem, Not The Solution

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Caleb Stephen Freelance Writer
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In 2011, the then British Prime Minister David Cameron shocked Europe’s elites when he declared that multiculturalism had failed in Britain. The idea that all cultures are equal and that they can happily coexist in one country is preposterous. It just doesn’t work.

Cameron knew all too well that Britain could no longer ignore the danger of expanding and competing cultures within its own borders, cultures that in failing to share Western institutions and culture – all originally based upon Christian principles — threatened British national identity.

This is especially relevant in Europe today where we are seeing Muslim immigrants who do not, in any way, share the same beliefs as Western culture does, failing to assimilate. Just look at Germany in its present state, for example.

Culture reflects the beliefs held by the people of a country. In fact, cultures are formed by those beliefs. For a society to survive it has to have one culture — a culture that enjoys the participation and useful contributions of all of its peoples. That is true diversity.

Instead of one people, we have been divided up into categories and pitted against each other. Instead of being united, we have succumbed to the dreaded multiculturalism cancer which divides and conquers.

E puribus unum, which means that out of many states (or colonies) emerges a single nation, should be our motto. That is the motto of the United States and that should be the motto for the rest of the world.

This is precisely what multiculturalism used to be up until roughly the mid-20th century when the cultural Marxists hijacked the term and used it to mean something totally different.

Multiculturalism has essentially bankrupted our society through the process of minority appeasement and contrived victimhood – especially of Muslims. The West has capitulated to political correctness, which is a byproduct of multiculturalism, allowing it to supersede the Christian values, beliefs and philosophies that they were founded upon and made them materially successful.

The irony of it all is that multiculturalism is a policy of exclusion, rather than inclusion. It is a policy that is entirely opposite to it’s purported purpose of unity for all. It’s a program of separation, not integration. It’s a program of division and race-baiting, not harmony.

True immigrants don’t arrive on the shores of Western countries to radically change them — they come because of the abundant opportunities that are simply not available back in the stinking hell-holes from which they came.

When they reject everything the West stands for in terms of freedom of speech, Christian values, free markets,  capitalism and democracy, then we know we have a very real problem. I’m talking very specifically about the large quantities of fundamental Muslims whose one and only goal is raping and pillaging the West, living off our abundance and affluence, taking advantage of our apathy and radically changing all aspects of our culture for the greater advancement of world domination with the end goal of establishing a global Islamic caliphate.

That, in my opinion, is a very dangerous reality and something that many Western nations haven’t yet woken up to.

Such malarkey is tied to the doctrine of cultural relativism which is the idea that the principle of a person’s beliefs and activities should be understood and accepted by others in the context of that individual’s own culture. It conveniently aligns with the false notion that all cultures and religions are equal, that all can coexist and no one system or set of values holds a place of superiority.

And as a consequence of that flawed thinking, the boundaries of what is morally right and wrong have been severely blurred by virtual cultural lines.

Originated to fundamentally transform the West at one point, the concept is now entrenched in the very fabric of Western culture and to repeal this nonsense will be extremely difficult, not to mention highly controversial in this world that seems to be dominated by senseless liberals and social justice warriors.

It is time for us to accept that the only way to be truly progressive is to push for cultural assimilation, not cultural co-existence.

Given the extreme rate of moral decline in the Western world – and certainly the world in general – such an idea may only be a reality in the realms of a Christian utopia where all dwell together in peace and harmony.

Nevertheless, we must not stand by and do nothing while our culture is hijacked and destroyed before our very eyes. We must do all we can to stem the tide of the jihadis bent on wiping out the Western world in order to establish their worldwide Islamic kingdom.