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CNN Devotes Entire Segment To Trump Assassination Fantasy

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Hey, look, CNN isn’t saying they want Trump to be assassinated. They’ve just been doing a lot of thinking about what would happen if he was.

The following appeared on their network yesterday. You didn’t see it, because it’s CNN:

“Dear Viewer: What would happen if — and God forbid it happens — all the people you hate most in the world were wiped out all at once?”

These guys are in mourning, and they’re desperate for any glimmer of hope that they can cling to the power they crave above all else. They couldn’t get out the vote on Nov. 8. They couldn’t coerce the electors to overturn the results. They couldn’t convince America that this is happening because of the Russians, or fake news, or Comey, or whatever. They have failed, in every way it’s possible to fail, and they know it.

So why not openly fantasize about the incoming administration being killed en masse? It’s all they’ve got left.

(Hat tip: Warner Todd Huston)