Gays For Trump: The Women’s March Needs To Reject CAIR’s Involvement

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The creator of the #GaysforTrump movement isn’t happy about a new partner in Saturday’s planned Women’s March.

The Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced last week they would join the march in solidarity.

Leaders in the organization have called homosexuality “a quick way to earn God’s wrath” and dismissed a film which features Muslim women speaking out about forced marriages, female genital mutilation and traditions prohibiting the education of women as “Islamophobic.”

“If the Women’s March really cares about inequality for women, they will disavow themselves from CAIR … if these women truly want equality, want to fight oppression, and care about LGBTQ people, they need to disavow CAIR right here, right now,” Scott Presler, #GaysforTrump creator, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Presler gained notoriety during the elections as a Spanish and Arabic speaking Trump supporter with 37,000 Twitter followers, especially after releasing a viral video criticizing Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy on Islam, which garnered 2.5 million views in only a few days. (RELATED: Gays for Trump: Trump’s Revolution Will Go Past November) 

The Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington is supposed to re-affirm equality in an election that “insulted, demonized, and threatened” immigrants, women, gay people and Muslims,” organizers said.

CAIR also partners up with organizations that oppose homosexuality. Suhaib Webb, a speaker at various CAIR events, once described being gay as an “evil inclination.” Omar Suleiman, who has made videos for CAIR, said that homosexuality is a “repugnant, shameless sin.”

As a gay man, having CAIR join up with the Women’s March is extremely troubling, said Presler.

“I’ll say it over and over again: How can you be a champion for women and part of the gay community if you associate with these groups that are so anti-LBGTQ?” Presler said to The DCNF.

While Presler plans to march in the rally for women’s equality, he also plans to protest CAIR’s involvement in the march. He will carry a sign reading “Radical Islamic Terror Enslaves Women, Murders Gays, And Allows For Pedophilia.”

“I personally believe this march is about partisan politics and it’s just anti-Trump. So it’s all these groups that are anti-Trump  under the veil of women’s equality. This [CAIR’s involvement] proves it’s not about women. It’s not about equality.  It has some sort of ulterior machination going on.  That’s really what I wanted to point out, and I am going to be there with a sign,” Presler said to The DCNF.

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