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LGBT Activists Hold Dance Party Outside Pence’s Temporary DC Home

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I’m not exactly sure what Mike Pence did to piss off so many liberals who happen to be gay (and gays who happen to be liberal). Is it because he caved to their pressure on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act? Or because he decided to go see Hamilton without their permission? Or because he’s got that rugged Race Bannon look that drives them wild, but it’s too agonizing to imagine doing it with a… Republican? [shudder]

Whatever the case, they really don’t like him and they’re angry that he’s about to be the Vice President of the United States. So last night a group of gay-rights activists in DC did what any American would do in such a predicament: They held a big gay dance party outside Mike Pence’s house!


So, to recap: A group of Americans who disagree with their leaders assembled peacefully and expressed their opinions. They didn’t hurt anybody. They didn’t break anything. They just danced and sang.

Which makes the LGBT community better at this stuff than Black Lives Matter.

I don’t like Donald Trump, and I’m skeptical that he’s going to #MAGA. But I don’t know what these guys think he’s going to do to them as president. Force them into conversion-therapy camps? Ban Lady Gaga? Send all male twerkers to Gitmo? What?

Why would Trump care about anybody else’s sexual preference? Every gay guy in the world just means one less competitor for him.

Have your dance parties. Express your opinions. And be glad you don’t live in the Middle East. You would not be able to do this over there.

And here’s the punchline, courtesy of USA Today:

Pence wasn’t home at the time of the dance party. He and his wife joined Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for dinner out.