Liberal Media Bias Gets KRAUTHAMMERED — ‘Their Heads Would Explode…’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer criticized the media Wednesday for giving the 68 Democratic members of Congress boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration a free pass.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence (Getty Images)

Donald Trump, Mike Pence (Getty Images)

“Let me ask it this way, if 68 Republicans decided not to show up for the inauguration of President Obama, how do you think the press coverage would go down?” host Bret Baier first asked.


“Their heads would explode,” Krauthammer flatly responded. “It would be on the front pages.”

“There would be editorials on the front page denouncing the Republicans for violating the spirit of the comedy that we are supposed to see on the day of national unity.”

Krauthammer didn’t save his ire for journalists. He ripped Democrats for skipping “a great, honored, sacred civic ceremony.”

“We have done it uninterrupted since the late 1790s, and you don’t sit out for what are really trivial reasons,” he added. “You don’t like the guy? It doesn’t matter. It’s a national event. You ought to show some respect.”

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