Michael Moore On Eve Of Trump Inauguration: ‘We’re At A Very Dangerous Moment’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore told a crowd gathered at an anti-Donald Trump rally in New York City Thursday that “we’re at a very dangerous moment” on the eve of Trump’s inauguration.

Moore joined with other celebrities like Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin at a rally about a half-a-mile from Trump Tower to wind up the group and encouraged the crowd to act upon Trump with a “vengeance” and join his “100 days of Resistance” movement, according to AM New York. (RELATED: Michael Moore Says Trump ‘Won’ The Debate)


“We’re at a very dangerous moment in history,” the 62-year-old filmmaker said according to the Hollywood Reporter. “As bad as you think it’s going to be, it’s going to be worse.” (RELATED: Michael Moore Claims He Knows ‘For A Fact’ That Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Be President)

“[Trump] is a bad example of this country, this city,” actor Robert De Niro told the crowd.

Actor Alec Baldwin then took the stage and slipped into his “Saturday Night Live” impressions of Trump during his speech.

“These people are a disgrace, but there is hope,” Baldwin said. “Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and Mike Pence, they think that you are going to lay down… That’s one thing they don’t realize New Yorkers never lay down.”

Other notables who turned out to speak at the anti-Trump rally included Sally Fields, Rosie Perez, Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore and Rev. Al Sharpton.