Black Justice Writer Calls Trump Inauguration ‘One Of The Dumbest Days’ In US History

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Justice writer Shaun King called Friday’s inauguration one of “the dumbest days in America,” seemingly putting it on par with terrible events in United States history.

King lamented President Donald Trump’s inauguration, describing the day as “sad,” “real,” and “ugly.”

“… but today is altogether different. Our nation elected a terrible human being as President of the United States,” King declared. “Any textbook definition of what the American public should look for in a President, Donald Trump falls outrageously short.

Because the American people elected a “quick tempered,” “thin-skinned” and “perpetually dishonest” president, this day goes down as one of the “dumbest” in America’s history, according to King.

There have been significantly “dumber” days in American history, such as the legalization of slavery in America; Massachusetts legalized it in 1641, becoming the first colony to do so.

Another “dumb” day in America was when people set Charlotte, North Carolina on fire in an attempt to protest a black police officer shooting an armed black man, presumably in response to allegations of “racism.” Rioters damaged businesses and tried to set a reporter on fire.

An even dumber day was when Freedom Riders got assaulted when fighting to end segregation. The group was attacked with metal pipes and a mob threw a bomb at their bus.

King seemingly added the inauguration of Trump to the worst days in American history.

“Today, our nation is entering a new era with a new President who normalizes bigotry, sexual assault, sexual harassment, xenophobia, dishonesty, and so much more,” King wrote.

King ended his screed by saying that America must move forward.

“I am disgusted, but we must push forward. We have no other choice,” King lamented.

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