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Corey Lewandowski Has An Embarrassing Inauguration Day

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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How embarrassing was Corey Lewandowski‘s Inauguration Day?

On a scale of 0 to 10, let’s put it at a 12.

The former campaign manager to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump was unable to get into the Inauguration Day festivities alongside the 45th President’s staff. He even got a shout-out from Trump, but wasn’t in spitting distance when he said it.

In fact, Lewandowski couldn’t get anywhere near the first family.

Mediaite’s David Bixenspan  broke the news and even has video of him pleading for a ticket.

It’s awful. If he wasn’t so Corey, this might elicit compassion from even the most cynical Washington reporter. But not only did he beg to get into his former boss’s Inauguration, he told an official that he’s Trump’s campaign manager in the present tense.

As if President Trump still has one.

If you can’t recall who Corey is, he’s the campaign aide who made some sort of physical contact with then-Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields, who then tried to get him convicted of simple assault for almost dragging her to the ground, as her account goes. A Florida prosecutor didn’t bite and Lewandowksi was never charged.

In late June, Trump nonetheless fired Lewandowksi and shuffled in a new team of advisors. Shortly thereafter, CNN gobbled him up as a fierce Trump surrogate where he sat on panels with some contributors who hated his guts.

In December he started a lobbying firm with Trump adviser Barry Bennett. He works on Washington’s famed K Street.

According to a Politico story on the matter, Lewandowksi says he never declared that he will formally register as a lobbyist.

Which may not be such a bad thing.

Navigating Washington’s inner circles may be something he wants to learn — like getting himself into a Presidential Inauguration — before he registers as a lobbyist.