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GOP Congressman Shakes Hillary’s Hand Only To Later Mock Her

REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) got called out for being a “dick” and a “slimy rat fuck” after he ran a picture of himself shaking Hillary Clinton’s hand at Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Accompanying the photo, Chaffetz wrote on Instagram, “So pleased she is not the President. I thanked her for her service and wished her luck. The investigation continues.”

He then posted the whole thing on Instagram and Twitter.



Commenters quickly called him out for the weirdness of him being so obviously fake.

“She was gracious and you were a dick. Got it.”


“You are deplorable.”

“You really are the worst kind of man.”

“Grow up, asshole.”

“Give it a rest.. she’s gracious, and you’re the epitome of a dick face.”

“You are a vile cabbage patch kid looking bitch. How disgustingly petty. Even Trump had the dignity to treat her with more respect than you. You are truly pathetic.”

The post nonetheless received 1,220 “likes” if that means anything.

But the commenters largely insulted the congressman to his core.