Mourning In Marxist America

Phillip Stucky, TheDCNF

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Today is a day of great jubilation and celebration for us Americans who have suffered silently under the tyranny of financial repression, the suffocation of political correctness and the treachery of globalization for far too long. No matter what President Trump does during his first term, change is coming. That should give all of us hope that we can actually believe in this time.

Unlike previous elections in living memory, however, the losing side has not capitulated. They have not retreated to lick their wounds or re-evaluate their positions. They are doubling-down. The grieving process the neo-Marxist left in America is going through is not one that will lead to insight and growth. Instead, liberals are descending into a spiral of rabid emotionalism due to their obsessive belief that they have been personally violated by the election of President Trump.

When Obama was inaugurated in 2009, there were no violent protests, riots and mass demonstrations. We have already seen the left try to violently disrupt the celebrations leading up to President Trump’s inauguration. Prominent voices across the left have been calling for street violence and assassination since November.

For the left, they haven’t just lost an election. They’ve suffered the type of humiliating betrayal which becomes a vendetta burned into communal memory over time. Like Orthodox Serbians commemorating the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 or Shia Muslims flagellating themselves to mourn the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali in 680, the American left is not going to accept this electoral outcome in the way Democrats and Republicans have done in the past.

The reason liberals are reacting so personally and so violently to the election of President Trump is the religious basis of their beliefs about race, identity, gender and culture. From an early age, American students are taught that the foundation of righteousness is to demonstrate at all times a universalist attitude toward any aspect of a person’s identity. Overlaid with this is the incessant mantra that Christian white males have an innate and unfair privilege because they have monopolized violence over all other groups throughout history. This is a faith-based assertion. To progress through the American education system unimpeded and particularly to gain a higher degree, it must not be questioned.

Neo-Marxism in America is not just a political ideology or a philosophical viewpoint. It is a cult.

Unlike the Christian belief in redemption through faith in Jesus, for the Western neo-Marxist there is no redemption for the original sins of whiteness, straightness and maleness. Constant penance is required; incessant signaling of loathing for one’s own ancestors and expressions of admiration for the achievements of other groups. If you’re a straight, white, Christian male in liberal America, you’ve got a lot of virtue signaling to do before you can be accepted in polite company. That acceptance will always be conditional on your continued mental obeisance.

This is not the America that our forefathers labored and died to build and defend. It is an import, a European disease which spread along the coasts of America particularly after World War II. The neo-Marxist culture that liberals have created in America does not fit in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is a slavish, collectivist and spineless mentality that rejects reason and truth in favor of dogma and groupthink.

Now that President Trump has been inaugurated, the danger is that the right will become complacent. Having thrown off the crippling constraints of conservatism and elected a president who has promised to butcher all the sacred cows of neo-Marxist political correctness and end policies leading to white demographic replacement, many right-thinking men and women will be tempted to believe the battle has been fought and won. This is how the left always bounces back, their ideological dogmas updated and their ranks renewed by a fresh generation who have been programmed by school and TV to believe that Christian white men stole the wealth of the world and maintain an invisible patriarchy which ensures their privilege.

One of the factors which historians attribute to America’s defeat in Vietnam was the inability of the US air force to destroy the factories which were manufacturing the weapons used by the Viet Cong. Throughout Russia and China, munitions were being created as quickly as US forces could destroy them on the Vietnamese battlefields. In this way partial warfare always meant only partial victories and thus ultimate defeat for the US.

This parallels the culture war that the right has been waging in America now for decades. Christians in America have been fighting fair against the creeping Marxist menace infecting the minds of our children through indoctrination, yet have been hampered by our inability to strike the opponent at their manufacturing base and destroy the left’s ability to keep losing the argument but keep on winning the culture war through fresh recruits.

This situation will continue until the sane and silent majority of Americans do something to stamp out Marxism in our education system. Academic tenure should be no protection for preachers of hate, and the same approaches should be applied to radical professors as to radical imams in extremist mosques. The difference between education and indoctrination is that one creates thinkers who question and the other creates fanatics who can’t. The screaming faces at President Trump’s inauguration show us how well the Marxist madrassas of America have done their job.