VIDEO: Alt-Right Leader Gets Sucker Punched During Inauguration Protests

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Alt-right leader Richard Spencer was sucker punched twice and spat upon during the anti-Donald Trump mayhem that gripped the streets of Washington, D.C. on Friday.

One of the attacks was caught on camera.

Video shows a masked man dressed in black landing a heavy blow to the side of Spencer’s head while he was giving an interview.

Spencer, a white nationalist who heads the National Policy Institute, did not fall to the ground after the punch but did appear slightly shaken.


Spencer posted a video after the attack discussing the incident. He said that the same man who punched him on camera had assaulted him just minutes before. And after that encounter, Spencer says another man spit on him.

Spencer said that the punch “didn’t really land” and “didn’t hurt that much.” But he did say that he might have suffered a mild concussion from the strike and that his hearing was slightly off-kilter.

“I did take a punch. But he didn’t knock me out, he didn’t knock me down,” said Spencer.

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