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With Obama Gone, It’s Okay To Do Stuff That Wasn’t Cool For Eight Years

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Now that the Democrats have ceded control of the White House, that means they can do whatever they want. Especially if it’s stuff they screamed about when their ideological opponents did it, or when they falsely claimed as much. Trump has been president for less than 24 hours, and already we’re seeing these three American traditions making a big comeback.

1. Lashing out at the children of politicians.

Derek Hunter reports:

Katie Rich, a Saturday Night Live writer since 2013 and actress with limited credits, decided to smear President Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron in a tweet Friday.

That’s what the kid gets for being born to a guy who won an election as a Republican. Sasha and Malia remain off-limits, of course.

2. Physically attacking people for saying stupid things.

Chuck Ross reports:

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer was sucker punched twice and spat upon during the anti-Donald Trump mayhem that gripped the streets of Washington, D.C. on Friday.

Note: A handful of dorks sieg heiling each other in a Ramada Inn ballroom is not the coming of the Fourth Reich, and you are not Captain America. Richard Spencer is a creep and I want nothing to do with him or his moronic ideas, but masked cowards sucker-punching people in the street is wrong.

3. Remembering the Constitution of the United States exists.

Obama took a similar oath. Twice. Fat lot of good that did us.

And this is on day one, people. Strap in.

Update: Messing took down that video because she forgot about the 2nd Amendment. Whoops! Here’s the video.