Japanese Prime Minister Trusts Trump On Trade — ‘That Belief Has Not Changed…’

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during a Monday speech before parliament that he trusts President Donald Trump to pursue trade policies that are beneficial to both the United States and Japan.

Shinzo Abe (Getty Images)

Shinzo Abe (Getty Images)

“I believe President Trump understands the importance of free and fair trade,” Abe stated. “I’d like to pursue his understanding on the strategic and economic importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.”

The Prime Minister added that after his first meeting with President Trump in November, he “believed him to be trustworthy.” (RELATED: First World Leader To Meet With Trump ‘Confident’ In His Leadership)

Shinzo Abe (Getty Images)

Shinzo Abe (Getty Images)

“That belief has not changed today,” he said Monday.

President Trump has long expressed a desire to exit the TPP.

The former real estate mogul met with several business owners Monday morning to discuss potential ways to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump told reporters in the West Wing that he plans on cutting regulations for U.S. manufacturers by 75 percent.

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