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You’ve Let James Franco Down, America

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We’ve all heard of MAGA. But have you heard of MFDA? It stands for Make Franco Depressed Again! It’s not as much fun to holler, but it’s still pretty funny.

Judy Kurtz, The Hill:

James Franco, who stripped down in an eyebrow-raising video supporting Hillary Clinton, says he’s “spiraled into a depression” following the Democratic presidential nominee’s election loss to President Trump…

“I’ve spiraled into a depression and I’ve been questioning everything that I am, and how I’ve been doing things,” Franco, 38, says.

He’ll just have to console himself with his money, his fame, and the parade of 17-year-old girls who are impressed with him for some reason. Seems like ya got it pretty good, buddy!

What’s your favorite James Franco movie, Dear Reader? I know, me neither. I think the dude has turned mediocrity into one of his performance art projects.