Zoo Asks PUBLIC To Catch Deadly Spiders

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An Australian zoo has asked the public to help catch one of the world’s deadliest spiders.

The Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales asked Facebook followers to help it trap funnel-web spiders, instead of killing them.

“It’s funnel-web season but instead of killing them, we need the public to catch them so they can be a part of our venom milking program!” The Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales posted on Facebook. “We need spiders to keep saving lives … only responsible adults should catch funnel-webs to assist the program.”

Experts from the park plan to regularly milk the spiders for their venom, which they can use to create antidotes. The park demonstrated how to catch the spiders in a short video attached to the post, using only a glass cup and ruler.

The bite of the spider is potentially deadly, but there have been no fatalities since antivenom for it was developed. Bites from these spiders have caused an estimated 13 deaths in the last century.

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