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Separated At Birth: Senior White House Advisor Steve Bannon

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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President Donald Trump‘s senior advisor Steve Bannon has an aura of mystery around him.

He’s not in the spotlight much. But if you know a little about his history at Breitbart News, you can sense when he’s pulling the strings.

He’s the 63-year-old aide and former Matthew Boyle sidekick who whispers in Trump’s ear.

He also has something of an old-time Hollywood look.

Here are his 2017 doppelgängers.

Credit to Marie Claire for reporting that he looks like Michael Harney, 58, an actor who plays Sam Healy, a prison guard in Orange is the New Black. They say Bannon has Healy’s personality too, and this is not necessarily positive from the magazine’s standpoint. Among their similarities, the mag said the two men are suspicious of lesbians and prefer white, blonde women.

Albert Finney, 80, is an English actor and an alternative lookalike for Bannon. Finney appeared in Erin Brockovich and Murder on the Orient Express, and many other films.

Steven Bannon.

Getty Images/Reuters/Joshua Roberts/ From L to R: Michael Harney, Steve Bannon and Albert Finney.