The Ladies Doth Protest Too Much

Ron Hart Contributor
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Liberals manufacture one thing well: pious outrage.

Hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest Trump before he even took office and could do anything to harm them.

Cities like San Francisco, New York, Portland and Washington D.C. host most of these showy displays of victimhood, both real and imagined.  In fact, with high taxes and companies fleeing, most of these towns have become protest-based economies.

There were even demonstrations in Atlanta. Commuters were stuck on the roads of Atlanta for hours, and then the protests started.

Constant, disruptive protests are a mild inconvenience for Trump. There are so many protesters in New York City that he has to be hidden, taken in the back entrance, and smuggled in by friends so he can work — the way about half of NYC residents got there.

What I did notice with the few women friends I know who flew to Washington to protest is that they have no idea what they are protesting. Mostly, they do it so they can bring up at a cocktail party that they went to Washington (carbon footprint and all) and marched. It becomes all about them, not any real or pressing issue. Their self-important theatrics were taught to them by the education system and the media: Any protest, no matter the thoughtlessness of it, is a good protest.

The only march theme I heard was against “intolerance.” We are a very tolerant society, so maybe they are down to marching against lactose and latex intolerance.

Couple that with the revelations by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, and others, that many of these protests are fake, nefariously funded by leftist groups like the DNC and MoveOn.org. These are not grass-roots efforts, they are “astro turf” movements, orchestrated for the eager legacy media cameras and knowing they will get ample time on the nightly news.

Thankfully, like the fable about the boy who cried “Wolf” so many times that no one paid attention to him when a real wolf appeared, these protesters elicit the same reaction.

These leftist ladies, who do not protest Sharia Law, flail at Trump and presuppose that he will enslave women, murder gays, take away reproductive rights, and tell women what they can wear. On the bright side, if this were true, libs would finally have their first Muslim president.

I am not sure how loathing men and calling us pigs empower women. In watching Ashley Judd, Madonna and others use foul, hateful language toward Trump, I am more sure than ever that the left “hates” the most. Trump just wants to take things that have not worked and do them a little differently. That is not hate, that is management.

Washed-up celebrities love these protests. Madonna incited a group of protesters by saying she thought of “blowing up” the White House. As Fox’s Greg Gutfeld wondered,  what is it with Madonna and  blowing things…..up?

The McCarthy-ism of liberals toward entertainment is quite hypocritical. They went out of their way to blackball any entertainer that performed at the Trump inaugural. Even the mechanical bear band and Chucky Cheese in D.C. wouldn’t perform that weekend. Only the sweet Jackie Evancho, the 16 year-old who won America’s Got Talent, performed. The leftist Hollywood Mafia cannot wait to crush this little girl.

In reality, it helps Trump when weirdos are out protesting nothingness instead of meaningful issues like the Vietnam War, civil rights, women’s suffrage or Michael Strahan leaving Kelly Ripa’s show without proper notice.  It makes America realize why we elected Trump.

Yet the media, which serve as fluffers for left-wing causes, will show up at every protest, even if ten anarchists are meeting for coffee. Keep in mind, Time Magazine named Trump “Person of the Year” and then spent the whole article explaining that they also once gave the “honor” to Hitler.

The key with Democrats is to keep their followers outraged so their lot in life never gets better and so they do not lose interest in protesting. They were all outraged at Chick-fil-A about a year ago and turned their mighty disruptive ire toward the chain. Their protests were effective; just look what they did to Chick-fil-A.  They shut the restaurants down—every Sunday.

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