China Deploys New Nukes As Trump Threatens Chinese Interests

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China has reportedly deployed new long-range nuclear missiles amid riffs with the new Trump administration.

The People’s Liberation Army has reportedly deployed Dongfeng (DF)-41 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China, the Global Times revealed.

The DF-41 “is a nuclear solid-fuel road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile,” the Global Times introduced. “With a range of 14,000 kilometers and a payload of 10-12 nuclear warheads, it can target anywhere in the world and is widely considered one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles.” While the status of China’s DF-41s are classified, the public has gotten several glimpses recently.

Several images of China’s new DF-41 missiles have been leaked online.

Earlier this month, an ICBM believed to be a DF-41 was spotted rolling through traffic in a northeastern city suspected to be Daqing, Heilongjiang.

The Global Times claims the photos may have been purposefully leaked to send a message.

The missiles may be situated near the border of Russia, but the intended target is clearly located elsewhere. The Global Times said that according to some analysts, the deployment is likely in response to President Donald Trump’s “provocative remarks.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized China for various offenses, including currency manipulation, engagement in unfair trade practices, and militarization in contested seas. He has also threatened to dismiss China’s one-China principle, a bottom line for the Chinese government, on multiple occasions.

Trump presents China as a major U.S. rival.

“How can China be content with its current nuclear strength when it is viewed by the US as its biggest potential opponent?” the Global Times asked.

“The U.S. has not paid enough respect to China’s military,” the nationalist paper argued. “China’s nuclear capability should be so strong that no country would dare launch a military showdown with China under any circumstance, and such that China can strike back against those militarily provoking it.”

“A military clash with the U.S. is the last thing China wants, but China’s nuclear arsenal must be able to deter the U.S.,” the report added.

“The Trump team took a flippant attitude toward China’s core interests after Trump’s election win,” the Global Times argued. “China must procure a level of strategic military strength that will force the US to respect it.”

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