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Dan Rather Wants To Lecture You About Facts


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Would you like to listen to Dan “Fake Memos” Rather pontificate about how important the facts are? Well, here he is anyway.

Dan’s got a show on SiriusXM, and boy, did he just come out with a doozy:

“Some things are provably… not true. I’m dancing around the word ‘lie.'”

Well, I’m not!


I know you recognize that, Dan. That was a lie. A fraudulent document, intended to swing an election. You fell for it. But your ego wouldn’t allow you to admit you’d been duped, so you became a participant in the lie. You remain a participant in the lie to this day. That’s why you’re doing satellite radio now instead of network news.

And because of exactly this sort of insularity in the press, this complete inability to see themselves the way the rest of us see them, now we have Trump. He ran against the media, and it worked. It’s still working. It will continue to work. Because they will not learn.

Trump doesn’t care about the truth any more than Obama did, and yet now the people who bring us the news are pretending everything has changed. Very little has changed. It’s just that now they’re on the outside looking in.

Hope they enjoy the view.

(Hat tip: Joe DePaolo)