Glenn Beck Promised To Apologize To Trump If He Built The Wall

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Glenn Beck may have to apologize to President Donald Trump for doubting that Trump’s wall would ever be built.

The NeverTrump conservative and founder of The Blaze guaranteed in an interview last May that Trump’s wall would never be built, but promised to apologize to Trump if he was proven wrong. Trump is expected to announce his plan for building the wall on the US-Mexico border Wednesday.

Glenn Beck rubs Cheetos all over his face in an imitation of Trump (YouTube)

Glenn Beck rubs Cheetos all over his face in an attempt to mock Donald Trump’s orange complexion (YouTube)

“Hillary Clinton is going to win,” Beck predicted in the May 4 edition of his show. “Now, I say that with the caveat of I’ve been wrong this entire election, so maybe Donald Trump wins,” Beck conceded, before standing firm on the possibility of a wall.

“But let me tell you this. One way or another he’s not going to build the wall. And if he does, then I’ll apologize to him on that day,” Beck said, adding that he would also apologize if Trump gets Mexico to pay for the wall.

Beck told The Daily Caller that he will indeed apologize to Trump when the wall is built.

Update: This story has been updated to include Beck’s comments

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