New Open Borders Rallying Cry: #NoBanNoWall


Justin Caruso Contributor
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The anti-Trump, pro-mass immigration left has a new rallying cry: #NoBanNoWall.

The hashtag is meant to resist President Donald Trump’s executive orders that mandate a wall to begin being built on the southern border and to crack down on illegal immigration into the United States. (RELATED: Trump Signs Executive Orders To Construct Border Wall And Increase Deportations)

The hashtag is also meant to defy Trump’s anticipated end to the Syrian refugee program and the placement of a ban on immigrants from some Muslim countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran and Somalia.

The campaign was started on Twitter this week by Zaki Barzinji and Imraan Siddiqi, the creator of #HateHurts, an organization dedicated to tracking Islamophobia. The project is associated with the Arizona branch of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR also spent the day Wednesday comparing the refusal to admit refugees to slavery.

Siddiqi told Mic, “There are two primary communities that are being attacked right now: Latino and Muslim. We have to stand in solidarity with one another, as the dehumanization that took place throughout the campaign is now coming to fruition in actual executive actions.”

Twitter user voiced their endorsement of the open borders message, while some were more skeptical:

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