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Relax, America: Media Matters Is Tracking Everybody In The WH Press Room Who Gets Called On

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I’ve been a big fan of Media Matters ever since their leading light Eric Boehlert lied about me when I got hit by a car. So I’m really excited about their latest venture.

Here’s Media Matters “Senior Fellow” Matt Gertz with the deetz:

Huh. I don’t remember Media Matters doing this at any point over the past eight years. But better late than never, I suppose!

Fortunately for Matt and the rest of the great people at Media Matters, I recognize all of the following reporters and I will now identify them:

Bartholomew “Bart” Snozzleberry, Lemonparty.net

Dirk Nomenclature, Tuscon Lamppost-Micturator

Gail Folderola, Hi Thymes

Pretty sure that’s Bill, you remember Bill, good dude, don’t know his last name though

Elsa Blörmenflörmen, Stockholm Living


(No relation)

You’re welcome, Matt. See ya tomorrow!