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Screaming Inauguration Lady Speaks


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It was the squawk heard ’round the world:

We all had a good laugh about the Screaming Inauguration Lady, except for the people who hate Trump so much that they’ve lost all capacity for joy.

But as it turns out, this woman isn’t just a healthy set of lungs. She’s got something to say, as an ITV reporter found out when he asked her to describe how she was feeling at that moment. Here’s what she said:

“There’s just no way. There’s just no way to even comprehend what this means. For me, this very moment is, like, within a cell. It’s like the dark and the light are so tight right now, in this moment. There’s so much potential for beauty and for devastation in this one moment, it’s almost incomprehensible that they can exist right now. So close… I AM SO SORRY TO MY WORLD!!! This is not what we want. I love you people. I love people. This is so alien. This is so false and broken and…”

Yeah, yeah, we get it. You lost an election, and it’s no fun. Sheesh.

I know a lot of people on the right don’t like me because I won’t jump on the Trump Train to MAGAland. But hey, at least I’m not howling in agony like this loon, huh? Give me some credit…

(Hat tip: Elizabeth Harrington)