Trump’s First Week: 5 Campaign Promises He’s Making Good On [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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In his first week, President Donald Trump is trying to address many of his campaign promises via executive action.

Most of the goals his orders and memos pursue are far from being completed, but the fact he’s already moved to fulfill these 5 commitments shows his intent to make good on his contract with those who voted for him.

It should be noted that he hasn’t yet been able to achieve some of his promises’ tougher caveats. Construction of the southern border wall is going ahead without Mexico set to pay for it, and Trump’s executive action regarding the Keystone Pipeline makes no mention of the U.S. getting a share of its profits. Most importantly, there is still no agreed-upon plan to replace Obamacare, and no plan at all to replace it with something both cheaper and closer to universal coverage, which was how Trump defined his health-care policy early on in his campaign.

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