Kellyanne Explains Why She’s ‘Proud’ To Speak At The March For Life [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Kellyanne Conway stated on CBS Friday morning that she’s “proud” to take part in the March for Life in Washington, DC on Friday, and that “it’s high time” a presidential administration took a pro-life stance.


“Donald Trump promised as a candidate in that unbelievable impassioned defense of life on October 25th in that debate against Hillary Clinton and said he would promote pro-life justices to the United States Supreme Court,” the senior counselor to the president explained. “He did something that very few Republicans do effectively.

“He turned around the ‘who’s really extreme on abortion arguments,’ on Clinton saying, ‘you would rip a baby out of the womb an hour before its birth.’ That’s extreme.”

Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

“I’m proud to march with people today,” she continued. “They’re making history. Mike Pence will be the first vice president to ever address the march.”

“This is a pro life administration, and it’s really high time as a nation say to ourselves, ‘if we don’t protect and promote the culture of life, then really, who are we as a nation?'”

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