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#NotAllMuslims Allegedly Rape Swedish Woman Live On Facebook

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Welcome to the future, everybody.

The Local (Sweden):

Three men have been remanded in custody in connection with the alleged rape of a woman in her thirties in an Uppsala apartment, reportedly live streamed on Facebook…

Uppsala District Court on Wednesday remanded two of the men, a 20-year-old Afghan national and an 18-year-old, also from Afghanistan, in custody on suspicion of rape.

The third man, a Swedish citizen aged 24 according to court documents seen by The Local, was detained on suspicion of failing to reveal rape.

When the alleged rapists were arrested, police refused to identify them “out of respect for the woman.” If you were wondering how that makes any sense, now you know: It doesn’t. The cops were just scared of being called “racist.” As always, the real victims aren’t the ones being raped and beaten and killed. The real victims are Muslims everywhere.

And now, I’ll leave you to scream about all the rapists who practice other religions. Keep up the good work.