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Ted Cruz Is Ready To Drain The Swamp And Help Trump ‘Deliver On Promises’ [VIDEO]

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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is excited and ready to help President Donald Trump “deliver on promises” made to the American people.

During this exclusive interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, Cruz shook his head in disbelief over the errant Republican colleague who recently denied the election was a mandate, and instead suggested voters wanted to end gridlock. In the 47 states where Cruz campaigned, he said “not one person told me to snuggle up to Chuck Schumer and do more of what the Democrats are doing.”

“People were furious at a lawless administration that ignored the Constitution, that persecuted their political enemies, that went after our religious liberty, our free speech, our second amendment, that refused to fight and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. People were furious at an administration that waged war on good decent jobs, that tried to destroy the coal industry, that waged war on the oil and gas industry. People want a raise. They want jobs. They want more opportunity. And any Republican that doesn’t get that is asking for revolution.”

Cruz is warning weakening Republicans without fortitude, clarity and courage that “if we settle back into business as usual, grow government more, get fat and happy, cater to special interests and lobbyists, we’ll have pitchforks and torches out in the street and I just may join them.”

As for the Democrats, Cruz says they seem to be “in shock and denial” with some being radicalized by the surprising election. He expects absolute defiance from them at every turn, as Cruz says, “a Trump Derangement Syndrome” is unfolding.

If nothing else, this election was a referendum on repealing Obamacare, the Texas senator told TheDCNF. Millions of Americans lost jobs, were forced into part-time work, lost their health insurance, lost their doctors, saw their premiums skyrocket and deductibles rise to the point where many now pay out of pocket for health care.

With Congress on the verge of finally repealing Obamacare, Cruz, who was vilified by Republicans for fighting so hard to stop it in previous years, joins others in worrying that Republicans, fearful of the narratives Democrats drive, are showing weakness. Some even think Republicans may just “repeal Obamacare and enact the Affordable Care Act” if things continue to unravel.

Explaining the procedural and substantive decisions coming for the Congress, Cruz lays out a “forgotten man test” for the repeal effort. He says Republicans should ensure the burdens of Obamacare are lifted from Americans so the costs will go down, doctor-patient relationships be improved and choices will expand for health care within a market environment.

On the culture war surfacing in the media, Hollywood or academia, Cruz says left-wing elites are “overplaying their hands” and “living in small bubbles.”

The condescension that dripped off famous Hollywood actors who produced a “Save The Day” video for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was palatable — but, it backfired. Cruz said of those “pompous, self-important Hollywood actors” instructing us on how to vote, you’d think that these actors would know “it’s not attractive to let condescension drip off your tongue” Cruz said.

As for the media elite, the tweets by our new president are exploding their little power bubbles.

[dcquiz] Advising Trump on how to “drain the swamp,” Cruz suggests standing up to a corrupt Washington, D.C. When tax reform ramps up, Cruz says “don’t listen to the lobbyists who crawl their way in” to pick winners and losers.

Cruz said, “no area has been more damaging than the Obama Administration’s ‘willful blindness’ to radical Islamic terrorism. He mentioned DHS whistleblower Phil Haney’s testimony at the senator’s hearing last June where Haney reported the unconscionable destruction of evidence that caused lives to be lost in terrorist attacks on the homeland.

For more on Sen. Cruz, see his website, follow him on Twitter @SenTedCruz or see his Facebook page.

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