The Liberal Media Has Declared War On President Trump

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Since President Trump took office on Friday, January 20, the liberal media has done everything in its power to delegitimize his new administration. From blatantly supporting Saturday’s anti-Trump march to expressing mock horror at his first speech at the CIA, the information giants of the left have proved themselves unreliable for the duration of the next four to eight years. They attack President Trump. They attack Sean Spicer, his press secretary. They attack Kellyanne Conway, who (as the first female campaign manager to ever win the Oval Office) would be canonized if she were a Democrat. There is no longer any doubt that the big media outlets have shed any ounce of journalistic credibility they ever had.

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By joining the Daily Caller Wine Club, you can fund independent media sources (Photo via Shutterstock)

By joining the Daily Caller Wine Club, you can fund independent media sources (Photo via Shutterstock)

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