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Why Would A Guy Named Mohamed Khadir Shoot Up A Mosque?

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I’m not sure how this is Trump’s fault, but we’ll soon find out.

Richard Pollock reports:

One of the two assailants of a mosque in Quebec City, Canada who killed at least six people last night has been identified as Mohamed Khadir, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a local television station, TVA Nouvelles.

The station identified the second accomplice as Alexandre Bissonnette.

Okay, that second name makes sense. Alexandre Bissonnette. Sounds like a white guy. Probably Christian. And we all know how those people are.

Mohamed Khadir, though? I don’t want to jump to any conclusions about that guy’s motive for murdering people. After all, this was an attack on a mosque. Why would a Muslim kill other Muslims for Allah? Just because it happens every day doesn’t mean that’s what happened this time. I’m guessing Khadir is a recent convert to Christianity, and Bissonnette was the guy who radicalized him. It’s a solid working theory, although we should wait to find out more before we condemn any particular denomination of Christianity.

For now, one young journalist has provided the most plausible explanation I’ve seen:

Seems like a safe bet. From 2009-2016, all terrorism was in spite of the President of the United States. Before and after that, all terrorism is because of POTUS. That’s how it’ll be until another Democrat is elected president. Get used to it, wingnuts.

P.S. See? I’m telling you: white people. #smdh