After Donald Trump Fired His Acting Attorney General, Joe Scarborough Says He Needs To ‘Grow Up’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Joe Scarborough said he thought it was “frightening” that Donald Trump said that acting Attorney General Sally Yates “betrayed” her department after she refused to defend his executive order on immigration.

(Photo: MSNBC screengrab)

(Photo: MSNBC screengrab)

On Tuesday, the “Morning Joe” host said the White House’s statement that Yates had “betrayed the Department of Justice” was “deeply, deeply offensive.” (RELATED: Stephen Miller Defends Firing Of Acting AG: ‘She Betrayed Her Office’)

“To suggest that someone acting as a conscientious objector to a law that has divided this country, would be termed as someone who has quote ‘betrayed’ the Justice Department,” Scarborough said, “that is deeply, deeply offensive, first of all, but secondly it is frightening that the Trump Administration actually views dissent that way.”

“Using the word ‘betrayed’ for somebody is frightening. It’s what an autocrat would use, whoever put that word in there.”

“But saying that somebody betrayed the Justice Department because they don’t agree with you? Take that, take that to Venezuela, OK? We don’t really want to use that sort of language here. It’s time for you guys to grow up. It really is time for you to grow up.”