Dems Reportedly Boycotting Price, Mnuchin Votes — CNN Guest Explains Why That Doesn’t Matter [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Senate Democrats plan on boycotting the confirmation votes for Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services and Treasury secretary nominees — Tom Price and Steve Mnuchin — Tuesday afternoon.

Tom Price (Getty Images)

Tom Price (Getty IMages)

CNN’s Carol Costello officially broke the news Tuesday morning, but The Daily Beast’s Patricia Murphy quickly pointed out why the decision is purely symbolic.


“Democrats right now are struggling with exactly how to be responsible and effective in their opposition to Donald Trump,” Murphy stated. “He is doing so many things at the same time, Democrats know they have to pick their targets.”

“The reality is that they don’t have the votes,” she continued. “Democrats changed the rules in the Senate in order to block any of these nominees.”

Steve Mnuchin (Getty Images)

Steve Mnuchin (Getty Images)

“It’s not going to be possible unless they have Republicans come over to their side, and at this point, they are relatively neutered in what they can do.”

Murphy claimed “this will be a big message to send to Donald Trump, but at the moment, Democrats just don’t have the votes to stop what Donald Trump is doing on their own.”

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