The Mass Protests Facing Trump Are Hardly Unprecedented

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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The protests against our new Commander-in-Chief aren’t going to stop. In fact, expect the hate and anger to get hotter, and the size of the protests to get larger, as President Trump keeps winning for America.

And the winning has only begun.

So don’t let the protests dampen your post-election joy. Just sit back and savor the spectacle. The Extreme Left – which is the only wing left in the Democratic Party — is nothing if not entertaining.

The Democrats have proven they don’t care an iota about expanding economic opportunity for the millions abandoned by their failed ideology and political idols. And they have also made it painfully obvious that keeping Americans safe is the least of their concerns.

I seriously question whether there’s a single protester out there who truly believes Trump will harm the interests of women, the LGBT community, African-Americans, Hispanics, or anyone else. It’s actually quite the opposite. What’s keeping the Democrats up at night is a recurring nightmare in which Donald Trump continues to make good on his promises to lift-up all and unite the country.

The typical Trump hater out there marching and/or inciting violence isn’t concerned about others. It’s purely a selfish concern centered on their fear of becoming even more irrelevant – if that’s even possible.

Donald Trump and his supporters can take heart in the fact that another great President faced similar opposition from a hysterical Left, and it only made him stronger.

By the time he became President, Ronald Reagan was already accustomed to protesters. He dealt with them all the time as Governor of California. And of course the fun didn’t stop once he entered the White House. In 1981, just eight months into his first term, 260,000 marched on Washington for Solidarity Day – so named for participants’ solidarity against Reagan’s economic policies and his firing of 12,000 air traffic controllers who had illegally gone on strike.

The following year, over 100,000 protested at the Capitol during “Days of Resistance to Roll Back Reaganism.”

But the hysteria provoked by Reagan’s pro-growth economic agenda paled in comparison to the rage against his military build-up. There were huge demonstrations across this country and in Europe on a regular basis over issues like the Strategic Defense Initiative (derisively called “Star Wars”), increased defense spending, and the deployment of medium-range nuclear missiles with NATO allies.

Recall back then, far-left Democrats worshiped the old Soviet Union and its brutal system of hard-core communism, so the idea of trying to defeat them without an actual shooting war was incomprehensible to the protesters.

The term “useful idiots” is often attributed to Vladimir Lenin, although there has long been controversy over whether he actually coined it. But it any case, it generally came to refer to citizens of capitalist countries who aided-and-abetted the cause of communism.

Of course whatever nostalgia the American Left may have still harbored for Mother Russia was finally erased in recent months as Trump’s enemies convinced themselves that the country had something to do with exposing how breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent Hillary Clinton’s operation truly was.

Ronald Reagan won re-election in a 49-state landslide in 1984 after holding his ground against the Soviet sympathizers. The Gipper never wavered on his commitment to keep our way of life secure. Our new President clearly shares Reagan’s love of this country and is equally dedicated to the America people.

The useful idiots of today have marginalized themselves by being perceived as giving aid-and-comfort to an ideology (i.e. radical Islam) that makes the old Soviet Union look tolerant and judicious by comparison.

When you combine the ineptitude of his enemies with this President’s smarts, energy and work ethic, the prospects for America attaining new heights of freedom and prosperity look very bright indeed.

Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.