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Olivia Nuzzi Enters The Belly Of The Beast For New York Mag

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If soon-to-be New York Mag reporter Olivia Nuzzi heads to the White House and behaves the same way she did at a 2015 presser with undercover journo James O’Keefe, the Washington press corps is in for a rare treat.

“Is this a joke?” she piped up at the National Press Club. “I feel like this is a joke.”

Reporters in attendance were less than enthralled with O’Keefe’s latest investigation, pretty much annoyed that they had showed up to what soon appeared to be a non-news event. Nuzzi was among the few to forcefully express herself.

Nuzzi is leaving The Daily Beast to be a White House correspondent for New York Mag. Politico first reported the news. Nuzzi spoke with The Mirror about it. She also voiced gratitude for The Daily Beast on social media.

“I love the Daily Beast and I’m so grateful for the platform they gave me the last three years,” she told The Mirror. “At New York, I’ll be covering the White House and Congress following the model Gabriel Sherman has perfected — filing (hopefully) newsy items for the web while pursuing long form, feature targets. I love magazines, and I think New York is the best there is, so I’m extremely excited.”

In her Facebook post, she wrote that President Trump doesn’t really like her new employer and said it “sucks” and that’s “lifeless” and “dead.”

After three years at The Daily Beast, I’m moving to New York magazine, where I’ll serve as the Washington correspondent, covering the White House, Congress and the psychodrama of the Beltway in the Trump era.
I’m so grateful to my friends and mentors at The Daily Beast who have made me a better writer, reporter and, I’d like to think, person since hiring me in 2014. I’m very excited for this new chapter, and honored that my work will now appear in print and online alongside bylines I’ve read my entire life in a publication as storied and respected as New York––though not by President Trump, who once said it “sucks” and called it, “lifeless and dead – one of the most boring out there.” Thank you to everyone who’s published, edited or read my work these last few years, and I hope you subscribe to New York magazine (at the below link) and support me in this new endeavor.

When I mentioned the O’Keefe presser, Nuzzi sent a smiley face emoji and said, “I just get so bored at press conferences.”

Nuzzi cut her teeth in media by disemboweling Anthony Weiner.

After working on his mayoral campaign as an intern, she wrote a tell-all cover story for the New York Daily News that made Weiner look like an ass. Not that he needs much help in that department, but her piece shed light on Weiner behind the scenes.

Let’s just say Weiner’s then-spokeswoman Barbara Morgan didn’t care for Nuzzi’s story.

She called the campaign’s former intern a “bitch,” a “slutbag,” a “twat” and a “cunt.”

Let’s hope Nuzzi’s thick skin continues at New York Mag.