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Quebec Mosque Shooter Is A Right-Wing ‘Nationalist’

Facebook/Handout via REUTERS

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Fair is fair. If I’m going to mock and criticize libs for looking the other way and ignoring the motives of Islamic terrorists, I can’t very well look the other way when a terrorist turns out to be a right-wing dude who likes Trump.

For whatever reason, yesterday the Royal Mounties incorrectly named a Muslim as one of the shooters in the Quebec mosque massacre. That was wrong. It was just one guy, and our friends on the left will be glad to know that he’s not a designated victim.

Les Perreaux and Eric Andrew-Gee, The Globe and Mail:

The suspect in the deadly attack on a Quebec City mosque was known in the city’s activist circles as an online troll who was inspired by extreme right-wing French nationalists, stood up for U.S. President Donald Trump and was against immigration to Quebec — especially by Muslims.

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, a student at Laval University, grew up on a quiet crescent in the Cap-Rouge suburb of Quebec City…

His online profile and school friendships revealed little interest in extremist politics until last March, when France’s far-right National Front Leader Marine Le Pen visited Quebec City, inspiring Mr. Bissonnette to vocal extreme online activism…

Well, we’ve seen a lot of radicalized Islamic terrorists over the years. Now here’s a radicalized “nationalist” terrorist. Great. Just great.

I support your right to believe any damn fool thing you like. You have the right to hate anybody you want, and to say so as loudly as you want. But you don’t have the right to live out your bloodthirsty fantasies. That applies whether you’re a radical Muslim, a radical “nationalist,” or anybody else. Unless you’re defending your own life or someone else’s, you don’t have the right to punch “Nazis” in the face, and you don’t have the right to murder Muslims.

In other words: You are not Indiana Jones.

But now, watch for the people who’ve always insisted that every act of Islamic terrorism is an isolated incident. They’re the same people who will now tell you that anybody who believes the same things as this “nationalist” lunatic are complicit in his actions.

Which is it, guys? Do you believe in collective responsibility or not?

Unlike apologists for Islamic terrorism, I’m not going to pretend that this piece of garbage didn’t have a clear motive. I’m also not going to pretend that everybody who thinks like him is a murderer.

Canada did away with the death penalty decades ago, right? Too bad. If anybody deserves it, this guy does.