REPORT: Justice Department Lawyers Support Trump Firing Acting AG [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN’s Evan Perez stated Tuesday that reporters within the Justice Department are siding with President Donald Trump’s decision to fire the previous acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Perez noted that Justice Department staffers are falling into two distinct camps on the issue.


“On one side, you have people who believe that Sally Yates was a hero for defying the president and essentially standing up to him and daring him to fire her,” he first stated. “On the other side you also have lawyers inside the department who are very concerned about this type of showdown.”

“They think if Sally Yates did not want to defend the executive order that she should have just resigned and not issued that order to Justice Department lawyers not to defend the travel ban,” he continued.

According to Perez, the lawyers “certainly” think Yates should not have “called it unlawful, if you recall from her message to lawyers in the department.”

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