The Nation Was Divided Well Before Trump’s Travel Ban

Joe Alton Contributor
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Leftists continue to ramp up their campaign to disrupt the country, the presidency, and the life of the average American. The executive actions taken by Donald Trump, a rare president who follows through on campaign promises, have come at a dizzying pace. Activists are left with hard decisions about which issue to protest and what public space to block on a given day.

The latest kerfuffle surrounds the executive order on immigration from a number of the world’s hot spots. Democrats everywhere consider the order, which affects several Muslim-majority nations, to be proof of rampant racism in the new administration; this despite just 109 of 325,000 travelers (0.03%) temporarily detained. Detained, not arrested, not shackled to balls and chains.

Donald Trump has been haunted by his impulsive statement on a blanket Muslim ban during the campaign. Most outside the media have learned not to take his declarations literally, but perhaps the President should have included a few tiny non-Muslim countries in the executive order for political correctness purposes. Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, and Monaco come to mind. How many Lichtensteiners attempt to enter the U.S. daily?

The Left sees the protests at our airports (many in heavily Democratic areas) as virtuous. This despite their silence when then-President Obama completely stopped the processing of Iraqi refugees for 6 months in 2011. When Obama abruptly stopped the Cuban “wet foot, dry foot” policy, he stranded many desperate Cubans south of the border. Mexico has now begun to deport them back to a dictatorship where they are pariahs. Where is the liberal outrage over that? As Cubans tend to lean Republican, it’s not hard to figure out.

Unlike progressives, average Americans see the executive order as proof of Trump’s conviction to secure our borders against potential terror agents. Regular folks see demonstrations that tie up airports and traffic a more egregious act than some extra vetting of a tiny minority entering the country from a few war-torn states.

Hollywood celebrities, still convinced that they are the movers and shakers of public opinion, spewed the usual venom at the recent Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards. These manniquins are purposefully using their popularity to convince Americans to hate each other. Actor Shia Lebeouf, for example, causes violent confrontations with a “He will not divide us” exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. Lebeouf and his ilk, not Donald Trump, are deliberately trying to divide the American people in a cultural civil war.

The tirades of the rich and famous decry the immorality of the average American: A bunch of Racist, sexist, xenophobic, immoral dolts, that’s what Hollywood believes. Of course, actors are paragons of virtue, not publicity seeking vermin with the morals of alley cats (apologies to alley cats everywhere).

What does the Left want? A nation with open borders. The average American? Not so much. The typical liberal believes that the world’s 7.5 billion people has a right to become an American citizen. The average citizen, though, believes that becoming an American is a privilege, not a right.

An Internet marketing CEO is applauded by the left for refusing to serve clients if they are registered Republicans or voted for Donald Trump; Women’s March organizers refuse to allow pro-life women to participate in their event. Yet, mom-and-pop cake bakers cannot demur from providing services against their religious convictions. Which of these folks do you think the average American supports more?

Of course, the Left says the average American is on their side. They point to the popular vote majority for Hillary Clinton as proof. It’s only proof, however, that the average Californian, Metropolitan New Yorker, and Chicagoan is on their side. The grand majority elsewhere isn’t, and the actions of Democrat protesters aren’t changing minds.

The more that progressives protest, disrupt, and spew hate, the more the average American realizes that the divide between their values and those of the Left is as great as the Grand Canyon. No, the division has nothing to do with racism. It has nothing to do with sexism. It has to do with the Left’s mission to foment unrest in our nation; that, average Americans, is more damaging that any of Donald Trump’s policies could ever be.