Adam Carolla: ‘Narcissism’ Fueled The Women’s March

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“Narcissism” was the real fuel propelling many of the protestors who participated in the Women’s March last month, according to comedian and commentator Adam Carolla.

“As you have heard me scream — and I will never waiver from this — all roads lead to narcissism,” Carolla said this week on the “Adam and Dr. Drew Show,” a podcast he does with celebrity physician Drew Pinsky. He was reacting to the protests that took place in cities across the country shortly after Trump’s inauguration.

Carolla explained that while there has always been narcissism, the condition is now “rampant,” growing from a phenomenon that “used to be reserved for aging starlets” to one where “now everybody is a narcissist.”

Rather than marching and posting self-congratulatory messages on social media, Carolla said, a more productive outlet might be volunteering at a women’s shelter or another charity to enact practical change.

“You just schlepping down to the park and listening to what the mayor has to say isn’t really moving the needle,” he said. “But you taking your field of expertise and bringing it to the women’s shelter, well now that’s another thing — and if you’re doing that then that’s a good thing.”

Carolla continued, “But I don’t feel like the lions share of you are doing that. I feel like you’re at the park and the way I can tell is there’s 500,000 people marching in Downtown LA but I don’t go by on Saturday and see a line of volunteers going around the corner for the women’s shelter or the you-fill-in-the-blank shelter. So I suspect that a large percentage of this is narcissism.”

Carolla went on to express dismay at Trump protesters who instill fear in their children about Trump’s presidency.

“You are not helping this country but you’re certainly not helping the psyche of your kids, who — if they do believe one-tenth of what’s coming out of your mouth — believe there is a target on their back,” he said.


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