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Al Franken Finally Makes Me Laugh

I know that Al Franken used to make his living as a comedian, and I’m sure he must’ve done something I found amusing. I vaguely remember Stuart Smalley, and then there was… um… Well, okay, Stuart Smalley. That was pretty good, I guess. But what you’re about to see is Franken’s funniest work in decades!

Courtesy of C-SPAN, here’s Senator Smalley’s pathetic effort to stop Jeff Sessions from becoming our next attorney general, which he punctuates by throwing a big crybaby fit in front of everybody:

The last time I saw a tantrum like that, I had to steer my grocery cart around a little brat whose mom wouldn’t buy him Cocoa Puffs.

It’s not so much fun being a senator when your side isn’t in power, eh, Al? If you’ve accomplished nothing else today, at least you’ve put smiles on the faces of even staunch NeverTrumpers like myself. It’s gonna be a long four years, but I look forward to watching you lose your $#!+ again and again and again.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)