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Bill Kristol Has No Plans To Beg For Sean Hannity’s Forgiveness

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Twitter creates the kind of atmosphere where grown men can sound like toddlers.

“Sean started it,” The Weekly Standard‘s Editor-at-Large and ABC News contributor Bill Kristol told host Steve Malzberg during an appearance Wednesday on Newsmax TV.

When Malzberg first asked Kristol about the Twitter fight with Hannity, Kristol let out a noise that sounded much like a sniff or laughter.

Earlier in the day, Fox News host Sean Hannity called Kristol out on Twitter for not supporting Donald Trump‘s candidacy after Kristol praised one of the President’s appointments.

Malzberg asked, “Why are you convinced in ten days that he will be a failed president?

Kristol replied, “Just to be fair, Sean started it and I was responding to his tweet. I wasn’t really thinking much of Sean Hannity.”

He has no plans to become Hannity’s bitch.

He said, “I do think for some reason he really wants to, you know, say to those of us who couldn’t be for Trump to come calling and begging for forgiveness I suppose from Sean Hannity or from Donald Trump himself.”

In fact, Kristol gives Trump poor marks: “I think his first 10 days has been pretty bad, undisciplined, no sense in the White House…getting obsessed with crowd size,” he said. “He’s just gotta get beyond this and be serious about governing. I don’t think he’s going to and I don’t think he’s going to end up governing very seriously.”

Your move, Hannity.