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Detractors Call POTUS A P***Y Outside Trump-Owned Golf Club

(Photo by Pete Marovich/UPI)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

Urine, middle fingers and the word “puto” is a great way to oppose a presidency.

But seriously, the oddest thing about this story is it seems the reporter stood by and watched as a woman wrote “pussy” in Spanish on a Trump-owned Southern California golf club while a man took a leak in some Trump bushes.

In a piece published Wednesday in The Hollywood Reporter, the reporter — Peter Flax — watched as a woman took her deep berry lipstick and crossed out the word “Trump” in a Trump National Golf Club sign and replaced it with “puto.”

Flax appeared to just stand there and watch her do it.

“‘Watch out,’ jokes a woman who declines to give her name but says she lives in Bell Gardens, Calif. ‘I’m about to deface some private property.'” 

Except she’s not joking. She actually defaced the Trump property.

The opulent club is in Palos Verdes, just 25 miles south of LA.

The reporter also seemed to watch a man take a leak on Trump-owned shrubbery.

She’s referring to the Trump National Golf Club sign — on an oceanfront bluff in sunny Palos Verdes, 25 miles south of L.A. — whose adjacent shrubbery a few minutes earlier was sprinkled with a shirtless jogger’s urine.

The piece has other lovely details like people grabbing their crotches and taking selfies of themselves by the Trump sign. One man sat bravely atop the sign in a double middle finger pose.

The sign does say “Public Welcome.”