This 2017 NFL Bad Lip Reading Is The Greatest Thing On The Internet [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The National Football League “Bad Lip Reading” 2017 issue came out on Wednesday, and it might be the strangest and funniest one yet.

In this year’s version, no team members, either on the AFC or NFC, escape ridicule when the folks at “Bad Lip Reading” work their magic dubbing silly voices and strange sounds over highlights from this past NFL season. (RELATED: Trump’s Inauguration Gets The ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment [VIDEO])


Throughout the five-minute plus video there is some bizarre singing, with one of the more stranger parts being when Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid laments with a referee how he has books on his shelf at home, but no one reads books because they are “terrible.” (RELATED: Bad Lip Reading Takes On Melania’s Speech [VIDEO])

From New England Patriots QB Tom Brady talking about being behind a “magical wall” when he is on the field that keeps the opposing team from reaching him to Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin needing a “tic-tac” really badly, everyone is a target of the bad lip reading treatment.